Public Relations

Public Relations

At Mercury Retail we understand how important it is to recognise that the media landscape is forever changing and the world of PR is much more than just sending out press releases. It’s about creating those strong partnerships with the media and working closely with them to get the good news out to as many people as possible.

There’s also the important factor of knowing what is and isn’t newsworthy – identifying those stories which will get journalists excited on a local and national scale, as well as in the trade publications.

We’ve built our team based upon a strong PR foundation – with a team of former journalists with years of experience in the media industry.

Mercury Retail work with Centre Managers and retailers to identify newsworthy stories which not only help to enhance the profile of any retail destination, but position it at the heart of the community as well.

How we approach PR

  • We’ve always taken the approach of being a part of the retail destination team by being on-site and talking to store teams within their own stores. We’ll get to know the store teams well and identify newsworthy stories during our visits so that the press opportunities are maximised. On top of this, we’ll also create PR angles through any campaign we devise to enhance it further.
  • Working closely with the centre management team, the store teams and the retailer’s marketing teams, we’ll make sure the press release is tailored to maximise the PR benefits for both the retailer and centre or retail park by enhancing perceptions and raising awareness.
  • By developing good relationships with journalists, we’ll always send the coverage to multiple media outlets relevant to the story, so the good news is spread as far and wide as possible!

Award bids

It’s important to shout about the great things a centre or shopping park is doing from an awards perspective – but it’s necessary to shout about it in the right way. Our team digs their nails into any award bid, structuring it the way it needs to be and packing it full of impactful facts and stats to stand out to judges.