How we work

Here at Mercury Retail, we work with a wide range of clients all over the UK and, as a consequence, we recognise the importance of creating information in a format that enhances the decision-making process and, importantly, deliverability. We have also developed a range of collaborative tools that enable us to share information and progress at the click of a mouse.

Our team has extensive experience when it comes to working with local authorities in isolation and / or when working as part of public / private partnerships. This includes reporting and feeding back progress on our work to officers, members and business leaders. We adopt and adapt our systems to suit the individual wants, needs and expectations of our customers.

We always work collaboratively with our clients – because we know that collaborative working relationships generally delivers a wide range of benefits to enhance competitiveness and performance.

Our internal engagement tools and delivery methods are designed with our customers in mind…

Asana is a collaborative workflow management system that we share with our clients so that they can track the progress of our work together – being able to view activities in real time. Our customers love this system as it gives absolute clarity on the progress of work undertaken 24/7.