Social Media

Social Media

Advances in technology over the last couple of decades has meant that it’s now easier for the customer to get information at their fingertips. As a result, it is commonplace that first impressions about a destination will be made online. Along with the website, it is becoming essential that retail destinations have a further digital presence in the form of social media.

Along with building up those first impressions by posting up-to-date information on various social media platforms, we get excited about making any retail destination look good online and give people positive perceptions whether they’re a first time visitor or a regular.


Social media interaction is instantaneous, which is why our team of social media experts are quick off the mark and interact back. It’s vital that a retail destination is perceived to be engaging and responsive, whether the engagement from the social media audience is positive or negative. And for the times there are negative posts, we’ll be sure to get it offline as soon as possible.


Social media is great for getting those store offers out to the masses, but people will eventually switch off if the content is the same. That’s why we like to shake it up a bit – we’ll post good news stories happening around the community to stimulate conversation and create local partnerships to produce content that gets people feeling good about your retail destination and its place in the community. After all, social media is all about perceptions.

Feel-good Factor

We love creating social media campaigns to grow audiences and engagement and we’ve got the results to prove it. We link up with retailers and create campaigns that will drive footfall and sales, as well as raising awareness to get people excited about your retail destination.

If we’re hosting a competition on social media, we’ll be sure to post the winner and interact with them publically to create a buzz and make people feel that a prize is actually accessible.