Events Campaigns & Management

Event Campaigns & Management

There used to be a time when shopping was just a necessity, a visitor would just browse the shops and go home. Now, not only does a shopping centre or retail park need to have the right retail mix, but it has to give the customer a reason to stay and come back – with events and campaigns to keep them captivated.

The shift in focus from the high street to centres and retail parks means that the competition between retail destinations to attract shoppers is increasing, so it is vital that there is something to keep customers keen and keep them coming back for more.

Strategy is the key

An event and campaign is partly about the aesthetics – it does have to look fantastic – but it’s pointless to create a campaign which looks great but has no strategic thought behind it. We work closely with the centre management team to make sure that each event and campaign matches up to the retail destination’s objectives, using different measurements to make sure we can track the difference it makes.

It’s a team effort

Ultimately, the key aim of an event or campaign is usually to drive footfall and sales to the retailers. Therefore it’s essential that they are involved as much as possible. We’ll always look to work closely with store teams to further enhance an event or campaign – giving more to the customer and, in turn, giving more to the retailers involved.

Enhancing perceptions

On top of creating those campaigns and events, we’ll document everything from a PR and social media perspective to create that feel good factor that enhances perceptions about a retail destination and keeps people coming back.